Sustainability and Community Support

Resting upon the edge of the western province surrounding the most prominent kumari Ella and seethawaka botanical garden – our commitment towards sustainability and community support is fully integrated into the business concept of ‘AhasGawwa’. 

From the inception of its operations in the year 2012, the key focus was not only aimed at investing in infrastructure but also to hold an honor in carrying out responsible tourism. Since the hotel is built on the foundation of sustainable development and community support, our people and environment are at the very core of the business. 

Here is a quick shot of key sustainable initiatives conducted by us. 


Energy is crucial in most of our resorts’ operations and is among our top expenses. Thus, this led us to implement concentrated efforts for the issue, and as a result, the hotel is now featured with a solar hot water system. This system makes use of solar power to meet all our hot water requirements, aligning seamlessly with our commitment to energy conservation and efficiency. 


While one part of our focus remains on our customer’s experience, another important dedication has taken measures towards maintaining a natural greenery environment along with gardening. This has enabled us to use local fruits and vegetables in our hotel kitchens, where we could serve you mouth-watering healthy food directly from our garden to your plate. 

Since we always attempt to adopt new sustainable approaches we encourage each employee to preserve a green environment within the property. 


Since we are a responsible corporate entity, we strive our best to maintain the 3R concept, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle in hotel activities. Thus, we have established an effective waste management system to dispose of waste in an environmentally friendly manner. Digestible wastes like food and garden sweepings are collected in a compost bin and the compost fertilizer obtained from this is later used in our hotel’s gardening activities.

Plastic wastes are temporarily collected in a plastic collection bin and are sent to a certified company of plastic recyclers, “Eco-Spindles” where the recycled plastics are used to produce high-grade yarn and filaments. We strongly believe in the concept of preserving the planet by minimizing pollution and it is of paramount importance to us. Thus we mostly incorporate reusable items in business activities. Moreover, we have minimized the usage of indigestible waste like paper, polythene, and plastics within our hotel premises. 

Local Guides 

 Embracing a community-oriented approach, collaborates with knowledgeable and skilled local guides to enhance the guest experience.  This not only provides authentic and insightful experiences for visitors but it also ensures that the economic benefits of tourism directly contribute to the well-being of the local community.  

Tuk Tuk from the Community 

 To further strengthen our ties with the local community, we have integrated Tuk Tuk services provided by community members. This not only supports local entrepreneurs but also offers guests a unique and culturally immersive transportation experience. By opting for Tuk Tuks from the community, we contribute to the economic empowerment of local residents and foster a sustainable, community-centric approach to transportation.

Supporting Udagama Primary School Annually 

Education is a cornerstone of sustainable development. AhasGawwa proudly undertakes an annual commitment to support Udagama Primary School. This initiative involves financial assistance, educational materials, and infrastructure development projects. By investing in the local school, we aim to contribute to the educational growth of the community, empowering future generations for a more sustainable and prosperous future. 

AhasGawwa’ isn’t just a destination; it’s a testament to the harmonious coexistence of luxury and sustainability. Through our unique blend of responsible tourism, environmental stewardship, and community support, we invite guests to embark on a journey where every moment is not just a celebration of natural beauty but also a conscious contribution to the well-being of the community we are privileged to be a part of.