Discover Local Wildlife

Welcome to Ahas gawwa, where nature’s wonders are just a step away. Our pristine surroundings are home to a diverse range of wildlife, from the Corrugated Water Frog to the Green Pit Viper. Join us as we introduce you to some of the incredible species you can encounter right here at our doorstep. Explore the unique biodiversity that makes our location in Padukka, Sri Lanka truly exceptional.


Corrugated Water Frog

Corrugated Water Frog, scientifically known as Lankanectes corrugatus, can be found in the water bodies and paddy fields surrounding our hotel, where its small size and corrugated skin help it blend in seamlessly. During the monsoon season, you can listen for its unique croaking calls. As part of Sri Lanka’s diverse amphibian fauna, this frog offers a fascinating glimpse into the local wildlife. For the best chances of spotting Lankanectes corrugatus, plan your visit during the monsoon season when these frogs are most active and vocal, creating a memorable wildlife experience during your stay.

Corrugated Water Frog - Native Wildlife Encountered Near Ahas Gawwa Boutique Hotel
Sri Lanka Jungle Fowl - Indigenous Bird Species Spotted Near Ahas Gawwa Boutique Hotel


Sri Lanka Junglefowl

Sri Lanka Junglefowl, scientifically known as Gallus lafayettii, is a striking bird species that graces the environs surrounding our hotel. With its vibrant plumage and distinctive red comb, it’s a true symbol of Sri Lankan wildlife. These junglefowl are often found roaming in the nearby forests, showcasing their resplendent beauty. While specific conservation assessments may vary, the presence of Gallus lafayettii emphasizes the need to protect the local avian diversity. To witness the grace of the Sri Lanka Junglefowl, explore the forested areas around our hotel, where these birds proudly display their colors and contribute to the rich tapestry of Sri Lanka’s natural heritage. Experience the allure of this emblematic bird species during your stay, a testament to the captivating avian life of Sri Lanka.


Day’s Killifish

Day’s Killifish, scientifically known as Aplocheilus dayi, can be spotted in the water bodies near our hotel. Recognizable by its vibrant colors and distinctive patterns, this small fish adds a splash of nature’s artistry to our surroundings. While not currently evaluated for conservation status, Aplocheilus dayi is an intriguing addition to Sri Lanka’s aquatic biodiversity. For an opportunity to observe the beauty of this fish, consider exploring our local water bodies during your stay.

Day's Kililfish - Local Fish Species Found Near Ahas Gawwa Boutique Hotel
Hump-Snouted Lizard - Native Reptile Species Spotted Around Ahas Gawwa Boutique Hotel


Hump Snouted Lizard

Hump Snouted Lizard, scientifically known as Lyriocephalus scutatus, is a remarkable reptile that can be encountered in the vicinity of our hotel. With its distinctive hump-like snout and vivid markings, this lizard is a unique sight. It thrives in the warm and rocky terrain near our location. While not yet evaluated for conservation status, it plays an essential role in the local ecosystem. To catch a glimpse of Lyriocephalus scutatus, explore the rocky outcrops and basking spots around the hotel. The lizard’s sun-loving nature makes it most active during daylight hours, offering an opportunity for an unforgettable wildlife encounter.


Purple-faced Langur

Purple-faced Langur, scientifically known as Semnopithecus vetulus,is one of the most captivating members of the local wildlife community. These primates are easily recognizable by their striking purple face and contrasting dark fur. They can often be spotted in the treetops surrounding our hotel, especially in the early mornings and late afternoons when they are most active. While not directly evaluated for conservation status, preserving their habitat is crucial. Observing Semnopithecus vetulus in their natural environment offers a unique opportunity to connect with the rich biodiversity of Sri Lanka. Join us in the treetops and experience the wonder of these enchanting langurs during your stay.

Purple-faced Leaf Monkey - Indigenous Primate Species Found Near Ahas Gawwa Boutique Hotel
Adam's Gem Butterfly - Native Butterfly Species Near Ahas Gawwa Boutique Hotel


Adam’s Gem

Adam’s Gem, scientifically known as Libellago adami, is a dazzling dragonfly species found in the vicinity of our hotel. Its vibrant colors and intricate wing patterns make it a true gem of Sri Lanka’s wildlife. These agile fliers can often be seen near water bodies, adding a touch of brilliance to the natural landscape. While its conservation status may not be widely assessed, the presence of Libellago adami highlights the importance of preserving local ecosystems. To catch a glimpse of this living jewel, take a leisurely walk near our water features, and be prepared to be mesmerized by the captivating beauty of Libellago adami during your stay.


Sri Lankan Rose

Sri Lankan Rose, scientifically known as Pachliopta jophon, is a remarkable butterfly species that graces the landscape surrounding our hotel. With its vibrant crimson and black wings, it stands as a symbol of elegance in the realm of Sri Lankan wildlife. These enchanting butterflies can often be spotted amidst the lush greenery and blossoms nearby. While specific conservation evaluations may vary, the presence of Pachliopta jophon underscores the importance of protecting the local flora. To witness the beauty of the Sri Lankan Rose, simply explore the gardens and nature trails surrounding our hotel. Marvel at the grace and splendor of Pachliopta jophon during your stay, a symbol of nature’s exquisite artistry.

Sri Lanka Rose - Native Floral Species Around Ahas Gawwa Boutique Hotel
Green Pit Viper - Native Snake Species Often Found Near Ahas Gawwa Boutique Hotel


Green Pit Viper

Green Pit Viper, scientifically known as Peltopelor trigonocephalus, is a mesmerizing snake species inhabiting the vicinity of our hotel. Its striking emerald green coloration and distinct triangular head make it a captivating sight. These arboreal serpents often dwell in the lush foliage surrounding our location. While not directly evaluated for conservation, their presence highlights the importance of preserving local ecosystems. To catch a glimpse of Peltopelor trigonocephalus, venture into the forests and canopies nearby, where these elegant vipers blend seamlessly with their surroundings. Witness the beauty and mystique of the Green Pit Viper during your stay, a testament to the diverse and unique wildlife of Sri Lanka.